Medical-Legal Services
Medical-Legal Services
Dr. Gabriel will provide diagnostic services for patients, and legal expertise
for the legal team representing those patients.  Dr. William Gabriel
specializes in TMJ/TMD Trauma issues, Xerostomia, Direct Dental Trauma
and Sleep-Bruxism. Regarding Legal and Insurance representation for
required opinions relative to temporomandibular joint dysfunctions,
craniomandibular dysfunctions and xerostomic side-effects of prescription
medications,  please
contact Dr. Gabriel.

With over 30 years experience in Medical-Legal issues, and with more than
100 depositions taken, Dr. William Gabriel is ready to provide your legal
team with the evidence-based data vital to your case.  

The following is a general list of available services for trauma victims, their
insurers and attorneys:
If you wish to procure the opinion of Dr. Gabriel for
your case or claim, he can be contacted at (805)
963-0707 or
  • Review/Summary of Medical Documents
  • Review/Summary of Deposition
  • Review Summary of Work-Related Documents
  • Report Writing
  • General Research, Interpretation, Etc...
  • Expert Testimony At Deposition And/Or Trial
  • Verbal And Written Communications with Physicians And Attorneys
  • Comprehensive Evaluation/Interview With Plaintiff