Dr. William Gabriel DDS
Dr. William Gabriel
Dr. Gabriel is prepared to objectively document temporomandibular/craniomandibular
dysfunctions and pathology, secondary to soft tissue injuries from head and neck
trauma (i.e., whiplash episodes from motor vehicle accidents, industrial accident
trauma, and complications of psyche etc...), and support the opinion with
peer-reviewed, evidenced-based scientific publications/literature.  Dr. Gabriel is also
prepared to render opinions regarding the negative side-effects of long term
medication usage relative to dental disease, periodontal disease and Xerostomic

With more than 46 years in the American Dental Association, more than 42 years in
the California Dental Association and over 30 years experience with Medical-Legal
issues (over 100 depositions given), Dr. Gabriel has a wealth of experience that may
support your position.  Dr. Gabriel also functions as a Qualified Medical Examiner for
the State of California, treating head, neck and facial pain, temporomandibular
disorders and evaluation of these injuries


Curriculum Vitae

Practice of Dentistry:                                  46 Years

-San Bernardino Valley College         
-University of California, Berkeley       
-Creighton University, Doctor of Dental Surgery

Professional Experience:
-US Army Dental Corps
Rank: Major, 4 years active duty
-St. Francis Medical Center Staff DDS (1974-2003)
Chief Staff Dentist (20 Years)

-American Dental Association - 46 Years (1970-2016)
-California Dental Association - 42 Years (1974-2016)

"Qualified Professional" per American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline 2015
American Academy of Oral & Maxillo-Facial, Pathology  (1988-2016 - Elected Membership in 1988)
Licensed QME, State of CA, continuously since 1988
Senior Clinical Instructor - Craniofacial Pain/TMJ Clinic ENT Department, White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA (1988-2015)
Forensic - Designated Expert in LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

Creighton University - 2008
International Congress AAOMP & IAOP Joint Conference - 2008
Publications Upon Request