Dr. William Gabriel, DDS
Medical-Legal Services
Licensed QME,
State of California
since 198
For Evidence-Based Opinions In:

  • Xerostomia
  • Direct Dental Trauma
  • Sleep-Bruxism/Sleep-Disorder

Contact Dr. Gabriel for evaluation of your client and a
professional opinion.   Dr. Gabriel has extensive, proven
experience in:
  • Expert Testimony At Deposition And/Or Trial
  • Review/Summary of Medical Documents
  • Comprehensive Evaluation/Interview With Plaintiff
  • and more
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Over 100 Depositions Given

For over 30 years, Dr. Gabriel has provided expert
opinion to the Medical-Legal Community and the
California Worker's Compensation System . Dr.
Gabriel has proven expertise in TMJ/TMD,  
Xerostomic Issues secondary to prescriptive
medications, Direct Dental Trauma
management/residuals and Sleep-Bruxism.